What are your expectations of an Insurance company?

What are your expectations of an Insurance company? How well has your previous insurance company served you? Are all your insurance needs being met at your new insurance brokers – these questions are what you need to ask yourself if you’re like the increasing number of other Americans who are still in the market for an insurance policy that walks the walk of all its talk.

Finding the right insurance that caters to your every need has never been an easy task. Matter of fact, given the increasing number of insurance providers that currently saturate the market it is more of a Herculean feat. It is on this backdrop, after years of studying the insurance market and its indices that we at Henry Insurance have developed the pitch-perfect insurance solution tailor-made to fit your budget, your lifestyle and most importantly your needs.

A home insurance policy that secures your home so you can feel safe
Your home is perhaps one of your biggest investment, and unlike the other of your investments, it is where your heart lies. At Henry insurance, we provide just the right policy to cover your home and give you the peace of mind you rightly deserve. From the basic ‘dwelling coverage’ to ‘other structures coverage’ our experienced agents work with you to find the policy that fits you best. Our custom range of insurance policies grants you cover from all potential sources of loss (perils), including but not limited to; fire, theft, and windstorms. So when Hurricane Harvey comes wrecking, you can rest easy knowing we’ve got your back.

Auto Protection to make sure you’re always Mobile
A study conducted in 2015 by the Princeton Survey Research Associates showed that 66% of all auto insurance subscribers fail to check if there are cheaper and better options than their current policies. Are you among this ‘naïve’ bunch who take their policy as just another monthly bill? If yes, the chances are very high that you are being shortchanged. At Henry Insurance, we don’t just offer you a poster-package auto insurance coverage; we ensure that you are getting true value for every dime spent. Auto Insurance is one of the most person-specific insurance policy, as such, we carefully analyze your requirements to come up with a package that covers all your needs without cutting corners or including policy coverage you don’t need.

A name you can trust
What’s your insurance needs? Are you tired of plunging in massive bouts of your finances into coverage and getting mediocre services in return? Why not talk to one of our insurance brokers, we assure you that one trial is all it takes to get hooked to the Henry Insurance Experience.

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Common Auto Insurance Discounts And How To Qualify

You probably hear a lot about discounts on auto insurance; television commercials for various companies strongly advertise all the discounts they have available.  Most insurance companies do have many ways you can qualify for better rates, and some of them are better known than others.  Although you won’t qualify for all of the discounts, you can make certain you are getting all the appropriate discounts on your premium.

Multi-policy Discounts
Insurance companies want to get as much of your business as they possibly can, so they offer good discounts when you add more policies to your account.  Multi-policy discounts can include options such as multi-car, auto/home, auto/life, and many other combinations of policies.  Some companies even offer a discount if they insure your boat or RV.  Qualifying for these discounts is easy; simply start a second policy with your insurance company, and the discount should apply.

Good Driver And Longevity Discounts
These discounts are easy to qualify for as well.  If you have a good driving record, you should be getting the discount automatically.  The same usually goes for a longevity discount.  This is a discount that applies to your policies after you have been with a company for a certain period of time.  Often the longer you continue to renew the policy, the larger the discount will become.  The key to longevity discounts is to stay with one company long enough.  Skipping from company to company for lower rates may not save you as much in the end as staying in one place.

Discounts For Younger Drivers
There is no question that adding a young driver to your policy can be an expensive proposition.  If you have a teenager new to driving, inquire about a good student discount that can alleviate some of the cost.  You will likely be required to provide a transcript proving your child has the required grade point average to qualify.  Some companies also offer a new driver training course, and your young driver can qualify for a discount just by taking the course.  It can usually be done right in your agent’s office.  Not only will you save money, but you will help put safer young drivers on the road.

These are just a few of the discounts you may qualify for with your insurance company.  Each company is different, so be sure to ask so that you don’t miss out on potentially big savings on your premiums.

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How To Choose the Best Car Insurance Company

Know What You Want
Understand what coverages and amenities you’re looking for in a car insurance company. Are you solely looking for cheap auto insurance? How might choosing the cheapest option affect your actual coverage? What about customer service—that’s important, too, right?

Know your priorities before you begin looking to buy car insurance. Ideally, you’ll want a company that offers great coverage at an affordable price from customer service-oriented agents.

Check for Reputation and Financial Standing
Once you’ve found a few seemingly compatible car insurance companies, do some investigative work and check out the companies’ reputation and financial standing.
First, check with your state’s Department of Insurance website and make sure the company is licensed to sell auto insurance in your state.
◾Also, take a look at complaint ratios, if available. Then, look at the companies’ financial standing on reputable websites such as J.D. Power and A.M. Best.
◾Auto insurance is a two-way street: you pay for the coverage and your company provides the coverage. You need to make sure your company can pay your damages when required.

Finally, find out how the companies stand with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The BBB ranks companies from A+ to F, and gives you a multitude of information about those companies, such as the length of time they have been in operation and information about customer complaints (including resolutions).

Compare Car Insurance Quotes
Consider these tips when comparing auto insurance quotes:
◾First and foremost, never look at just one or two car insurance companies; always get and compare at least three quotes.
◾Talk with family members and friends about their car insurance providers.
◾How long have they been with the company?
◾Are they satisfied with their rates?
◾What about customer service? How has the provider handled their premiums in the events of traffic violations, at-fault accidents, and other common premium-increasing situations?
◾Look for auto insurance companies that offer discounts and good-driver rewards programs.
◾Some companies provide breaks for drivers of certain ages or for drivers with anti-theft devices.
◾Others offer rewards (e.g. lower premiums) for drivers with consistently good driving records.
◾Ask about bundling insurance policies.
◾Also known as “multi-line coverage,” some companies provide discounts for purchasing two or more lines of coverage (such as car insurance and homeowner insurance).
◾Check out the companies’ social media accounts.
◾Reach out to your potential insurance companies on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and evaluate how they respond to your questions about issues such as coverage and discounts.

Remember, comparing car insurance quotes is never just about what’s cheapest.

Periodically Evaluate Your Coverage
Getting great car insurance coverage at an affordable rate is fantastic, but don’t get complacent. Many companies decrease premiums for certain life events, such as:
◾Buying a new car. You might get lower rates if you purchase a new vehicle with great safety and anti-theft features.
◾Moving. Living in low-crime areas tends to get you lower premiums.
◾Getting older. Mature drivers (generally those who are 25 and older) often benefit from lower car insurance rates.
◾Getting married. Combining two insurance policies into one can save you money. Married drivers are also viewed as more responsible and often see lower rates.
◾Purchasing a new home. Remember multi-line insurance? You could get a discount if you insure your home with the same company.

Of course, some life events can increase your rates—which means you’ll want to talk with your agent about ways to decrease them or even start comparing quotes from other providers. Such situations include:
◾Moving. Again, moving can affect your car insurance rates, and in this case moving from a low-crime area to one with a higher crime or accident rate might cost you.
◾Filing claims. Each claim you file can increase your rates—especially claims for at-fault accidents. Talk with your agent about ways to decrease rates or avoid rate hikes, or consider shopping for another provider.
◾Traffic violations. Similar to filing claims, the more traffic violations and driving points you accumulate, the higher your premium could become.
◾Adding a teenager to your policy. Often, increased rates when adding a teenager to your policy are unavoidable; however, if you feel the premium has become too high, talk with your agent about ways to decrease it (such as teen driving courses) or start looking at other companies.

Simply put, whenever you experience a life event that might decrease or increase your rates, it’s time to evaluate your coverage and perhaps even start comparing quotes from other providers.

Consider Working with an Agent or Broker
The difference between car insurance agents and car insurance brokers is that, generally, agents work with one company while brokers work with several companies.
So, while an agent can help you get the best coverage and rates from his or her particular company, a broker can shop around and help you find the best coverage and rates from a number of companies. Keep in mind, however, they may charge you a broker fee.
Unless you feel comfortable shopping around on your own or have your heart set on one company, you might want to consider consulting an agent or broker about your car insurance needs.

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